Vista Ridge Marching Festival October 6, 2018 - (Registration to open in February)

Festival Information

Open to first 24 bands (VRHS Band will perform in exhibition only)
Fee: $300 until May 31st (Early Registration)
$350 starting June 1st
check payable to VRBB (Vista Ridge Band Boosters)
High cam video provided and gate passes are included for directors and chaperones

15 minutes total time (field warm-up, performance, off the field)
30 minute warm-up/10 minutes transition time

Earliest registration gets the latest time.

Judging Format
Music: 30% – 1 judge
Marching: 30% – 1 judge
General Effect/Design: 20% – 1 judge
Percussion: 10% – 1 judge
Auxilliary Unit: 10% – 1 judge

Prelims Awards
Best in class, 2nd & 3rd place will be awarded to 6A, 5A, 4A & 1A-3A (combined).
High Music, Marching, General Effect, Percussion, and Auxilliary Unit

Finals Format
Top ten scores regardless of class
Best in Class groups not in top ten will have the option to perform in exhibition at the beginning of finals.
Finals performance order will be determined by a draw.

Finals Awards
All participating bands in finals will receive a trophy for 1st – 10th place.

2017 Judges

We have some amazing judges lined up for the 2017 Marching Festival

Bill Watson

VR Marching Festival Judge

Alan Spaeth

VR Marching Festival Judge
Alan Spaeth has been designing Marching Band and Winterguard shows since 1988.

Daniel Galloway

VR Marching Festival Judge

Andrew Solomonson

VR Marching Festival Judge

Dr. Brian West

VR Marching Festival Judge